Terms and Conditions


Payment for all classes must be made in full by the second week of term. Late payments will incur a 10% surcharge. Any cheques returned unpaid will incur a £10 handling charge.

There will be no refunds if you decide to terminate lessons half way through the half term. Fees are not waived in respect of family holidays, school trips, exams or short term sickness or injury. Long term injury or sickness with a medical note will be assessed on an individual basis.

Dance Projection requires Half a term’s written notice should you change classes or termination of classes prior to the commencement of the term for which notice is being given. If no notice is given you will be required to pay in full. In the event of a pupil leaving with fees outstanding Dance Projection reserve the right to pursue recovery of the debt by all legal means including court action.

Uniform should be worn for all classes (see attached list, notice board and website for uniform list), uniform must be worn on the second class after the trial class. No shoes that have been worn outside must go in our studios.

No jewellery other than small studded earrings to be worn to class.

No responsibility is accepted by Dance Projection for any items lost or damaged on premises, whether it be in class or in waiting/changing room area.

Long hair must be worn in a bun for ballet and tied back away from the face for all other classes.

Dance Projection at NO time tolerate abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards other students or teachers. Should this problem continue the student will be excluded from class and no refund made.

Dance Projection is concerned about the welfare and safety of all its students and will do everything possible to create an environment in which children and adults feel secure.

Students will be chosen for examinations at the discretion of the teachers. Attendance at class is important, pupils are expected to arrive on time and be ready for their lessons.

Dance Projection will ensure that during shows/festivals or other performances students under the age of 18 will have adequate supervision at all times in dressing rooms and stage areas. This supervision will be provided by either teachers, parents or other volunteers, all of which will be checked through the DBS.

Dance Projection cannot be held responsible for any student before or after their agreed class/performance times. All children must be supervised.

Endeavour to use the car park at all times. However Dance Projection hold no responsibility for damage or theft to vehicles.

NO refunds will be given in the event that classes are cancelled due to bad weather or events out of our control including bank holidays. You will be notified via newsletter, facebook & will receive a text to the contact numbers provided if short notice.

As a matter of courtesy please advise if you or your child takes additional dance classes. We are not liable for any injury related to dance if classes are taken elsewhere.

Please advise if you or your child auditions for any professional jobs/colleges as students will be asked where they train and often phone us up so we would need to prepare them.

Parents/guardians must provide emergency updated contact numbers, collect on time and fill in all registration forms to attend classes. All medical conditions must be notified in writing.

Some Physical contact with students may be required by the dance teachers to ensure correct dance technique is achieved.

Dance Projection does not accept liability for personal injury to any child attending class, with the exception of such injury being caused by negligence or default of any member of our staff.

Attendance at classes at Dance Projection confirms that you adhere to our terms & conditions. I have read this document carefully and agree to the terms & conditions of registration to Dance Projection

Revised April 2019