Professional Course


For those students that may want to dance professionally in the future, we have put together a program of classes that they would need to pursue this career. To get into a professional vocational dance college after full time education they require students to be at least Grade 5 standard in Ballet, modern and tap. However we feel we can get students to achieve at least Intermediate level (which is after Grade 6), But only with this program. Remember when a student auditions for a place at professional college there will be between 100 - 200 places and they get more than 5,000 apply and audition. So you need to stand out.


For the professional course you get:

  • 2 Ballet Classes
  • 1 Tap Class
  • 1 Modern Class
  • 1 Street Class
  • 1 Musical Theatre or Gymnastics Class
  • 1 Stretch or Contemporary class
  • 1 Professional Company Class (Compulsory for Grade 1 upwards)
ALL for £120 per half term

*Any extra classes are charged at £10

Additionally to this they will also be required to participate in our Professional Dance Training Class on a Sunday. This is a FREE class on top of your 7! We feel that a basic jazz conditioning class is missing from the students training. All of these classes are compulsory if they wish to stay on the Professional Course. If they can not make these lessons then they will need to go back to the normal fee structure.

We will be continuing with the Sunday professional sessions as they have been a great experience for all our students.