Frequently Asked Questions


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Do we stay and watch classes?
Only with the very youngest children whilst they settle in. For some this is ten minutes, others may take a couple of weeks. Parents are then invited to watch at the end of each school term, but not the summer term as this is show term.

Can we pay weekly?
No, fees are paid in blocks of six. However we offer a trial session for new students to try classes. The trial class is £5 and then if the student decides to enrol for the term this will be deducted from your fees, which will be due on the second lesson.

What should my child wear to their first lesson?
For young children attending ballet, a skirt and t-shirt or a dress and bare feet. For older children and for modern and tap a tight fitting t-shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms. Clothing should be comfortable but not too loose fitting or too long. For tap classes a pair of hard low heeled shoes/boots. Preferably not trainers or sandals.

Do you offer exams to your students?
Yes, we teach the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabus or ISTD for short. The first exams are Pre-primary minimum aged of five or Primary minimum age six. Children who are doing Ballet, Modern, Tap and Commercial Street may be asked if they wish to do an exam. The examining body is the ISTD. You can find out more about the ISTD on their website .If your child would like to do Ballet exams then we recommend 2 classes per week if they wish to take an exam every year. If they do once a week then it may take longer to achieve the required level for the exam. Modern and tap is normally once a week and they normally reach the level if there attendance is good. Exams are taken in December and in May/June half term each year. Exams are not compulsory however it is a nice way to finish off the level to move onto the next.

How often will my child take an exam?
Usually every twelve to eighteen months depending on attendance, practise and commitment.

Does the school do shows?
Yes, at the end of the summer term at the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford - 500 seat auditorium.

Do all the classes take part in the show?
Yes all classes take part in the show, but children need to be 4 years of age.

Are all your teachers qualified?
Yes, all of our teachers are qualified to teach dance and have gone through rigorous training. Due to new government requirements many of our teachers are also in the process of undergoing further training and all attend regular refresher courses to keep up to date with developments. Everyone is first aid trained as well.

Are all teachers insured and DBS checked?
All our teachers are insured. It is not a legal requirement for dance teachers in the private sector to be DBS checked. However all our teachers are DBS checked purely as a gesture to parents/guardians that we take child safety and protection seriously. DBS numbers are on notice board in waiting room.