Exam guidelines:

Children who are doing Ballet, Modern, Tap and Commercial Street may be asked if they wish to do an exam. The examing body is the ISTD. You can find out more about the ISTD on their website www.istd.org.

If your child would like to do Ballet exams then we recommend 2 classes per week if they wish to take an exam every year.

If they do once a week then it may take longer to achieve the required level for the exam.

Modern and tap is normally once a week and they normally reach the level if their attendance is good.

Exams are taken around May each year however if your child has reached the standard before then we may add other exam dates throughout the year.

Exams are not compulsory however it is a nice way to finish off the level to move onto the next.


Age Guidelines:

The age guidelines are as follows:-

Pre-primary - minimum age they can take this exam is 5 years old. This is why we do not recommend a child to go into this class before 4 years old as if you put a child into the wrong level they will feel insecure as they will find it too hard so their confidence will be affected. They would also be bored being in a class too long before moving up.

Primary - This often gets confused with being related to going to primary school. It is not the case. They have to be of a minimum age of 6 years old to take this exam, so would already be at school before going to this class.

These age limits are the minimum age, it does not mean your child will be entered at this age. Children will be entered for an exam when they are ready. To enter them before they are ready would affect their confidence and self esteem. Attendance plays a big part in this as if a child misses a few weeks and then comes back to their friends knowing different steps they could feel embarrassed if they cannot do it as well.