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Summer Show Information Pack

Don't panic if you misplace your summer show information pack, you can download another here.

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Summer show feedback:

"This is the first chance I've had to post more about DM's stage debut - three words "oh my god"! What an absolutely amazing show, from toddlers to seniors, everyone was soooooooo good. Daisy-Mae was brilliant &had a whale of a time, my two nieces also had me in tears of pride!! If anybody is considering sending their son/daughter to dance classes then I would highly recommend Dance Projection - well done to all students &especially well done to Gemma & Heidi."

"Amazing dance show, just gets better every year. Well done everyone. Thank u Gemma, Heidi, Natalie & Becky. So proud of my girls they couldn't do it without u guys"

"Thankyou Dance Projection for making Kiki the happiest girl ever, she has enjoyed every minute of today and this year! I'm soooo proud of her and Mackenzie today, definitely the best show yet! Bring on September"

"I am so incredibly proud of my girls they were amazing tonight and it's all thanks to Dance Projection. Well done to everybody who took part In the show you were all fantastic. Heidi Speakman, Gemma Hall, Natalie Potter, Becky Goodey, we can't thank you enough"

"My oh my Dance Projection!!!! That was immense! Choreography was so so good - gonna have to watch the DVD several times to take it all in! Thanks for everything u do - u are amazing! Much love and will miss u over the next few weeks : )) "